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Importing Pedigree Miniature Bull Terrier Into Germany?

  1. At Frankfurt Airport they got much more experience with import dogs and they know AKC papers as well. But...they know no excuses if something is wrong. So, yes, when the dog pass the customs in Frankfurt, it would be a very good position for the owner. But I´m honest, YES importing the dog is legal...but a risk at customs.
    I would prefer the journey via Amsterdam.
    (I´m defiant and we KNOW it is legal, so it is enticing to bring the dog via Frankfurt or Düsseldorf- it´s a matter of principle. But for the dog....i think the safer way goes via Amsterdam. And i´m annoyed about it. )
    #41 Crabat
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  3. Hi Crabat, the pet transportation company Agreed with Mr Weidemann did its best to bring him in from Amsterdam and then deal with him Registering locally once there. They checked with Frankfurt and theywill hold dog and call to Dusseldorf for what to do next, so They believe it's better for me to be with my dog in my local Possession vs. Being silent hero by customs.

    Now that he also has his German pedigree papers, what happens, if when I go to register him, Dusseldorf authorities still raise issue of being too tall to be a mini? Assume then I will have to go to court with Weidemann to settle. In cases like that, can I keep my dog while the court case or whatever is going on or do I have to give him up until settled? Is he just considered a dangerous dog during that time and has to be muzzled? I'm just worried to show up and then not see my dog for a year or whatever it takes for court.
    #42 mdcecil
  4. They will NOT take your dog away, even if you have to go to court. Weidemann knows all the precedents in Germany and they were all obtained. So don´t worry. Yes, sometimes it´s not easy to register a tall MBt in Germany, but it´s still legal and in most cases a "friendly" ;) letter from your lawyer will clarify.

    (Hope my english is good enough...i´m not sure. :p )
    #43 Crabat
  5. Thanks Crabat. That makes me feel alot better. Weidemann and the local relocation company said my alternative is to send the papers over now for confirmation but with the dog still in US it is more likely they will dig in their heels and try to stall my dog coming over, which would then jeopardize my expat assignment. So they recommended I just show up with the dog and go with the lady from the local relocation company to register him with his German papers and not say anything about past conversations. Then if they resist due to his height, take it from there. Hopefully, if that happens Weidemann can do as you suggest and send letters and calls and get it solved without having to go to court. But as long as I can keep my dog and everyone feels I will win in the end, I think I will just move forward with moving there with him and then fight if I need to. So sad one has to go through all of this even with both US (AKC) and German papers.
    #44 mdcecil
  6. If he were a German mini, born in Germany, with a pedigree of a mini and too much height, he'd be allowed to stay with you. He might have to do a test of character to be allowed to run w/o a muzzle and/or leash and you might have to pay 'dangerous dog tax', which is higher than normal dog tax. Untill court decides whether he's technically a mini or not. (recently, German courts have decided more in favor of pedigree than in favor of phenotype (height).

    I think that complications might arise once someone decided that the dog was "illegally imported", because she's too large for a mini despite pedigree. In that case, authorities might want to to make you give the dog to a dog-shelter. However, a good lawyer might manage to prevent this, mentioning German minis in similar cases.

    Hard to tell. I think that the most likely option is that the dog stayed with you in that case. However, I am not very experienced with actual cases of illegally imported dogs in general, andovergrown minis in particula, so... sorry to be of rather no help.

    Edit: Crabat was faster and explained it a lot better. :)
    #45 lektoratte
  7. So I'm moving forwards preparing to come to NRW in July with my mini. I must say I'm extremely nervous about this and my family is extremely concerned about the dog being taken away from me (dog shelter) or worse being euthanized.

    Will bring my dog in thru Amsterdam and then proceed to register him with his German pedigree papers. Weidemann advised that the Ordnungsamt authorities can theoretically request that the dog be handed over. But he said if this happened there would be much back and forths and then we'd go to court in this case asap. So not sure how things will really develop when he arrives. I could find only 1 lawsuit in NRW regarding mini bull terrier height and that was from 2006 for a dog from western NRW that did not have purebred papers but still prevailed in court. Although it appears case took almost 2 years to complete!

    What does make me a bit more nervous is that Weidemann suggested putting dog on a diet to lose maybe 1 to 2 more kilos so he looks even less big; he currently weighs 17kg. He's pretty lean already given his weight to height ratio (43cm) so not sure I can get much more weight off him. Yuck! But from what I've read on this forum, Weidemann is apparently very experienced in dog laws and courts so I should be in good hands?
    #46 mdcecil
  8. please forget putting dog on a diet to lose maybe 1 to 2 more kilos. His weight to height ratio (43cm) is absolutly ok.
    Weidemann is the best in dog laws and courts. Be sure you are in good hands.
    #47 rimini
  9. And for sure, your dog won't be euthanised!

    And after all, you are going to stay here for a year or two (?), not forever. It is no problem to bring a dog in for holidays, which is 4 weeks or so. If worse comes to worst, you could still send her back to your family during this time, or at least I think so.
    #48 lektoratte
  10. Hi Mike

    don´t worry, with Lars Weidemann you have the best you can have. I hope you enjoy your stay in Germany. My husband-to-be is American citizen too. He is very confused about the German System ;) , but believe me, you will find out, that so many things work better ;)
    Now, he loves it, to be here.
    And feel free, to ask any questions you have, about the crazy Germans :D
    We will help you :)

    Hugs to your Doggie (such a sweetheart)
    #49 Beatrice
  11. Greetings to all! Just wanted to update everyone did my dog and I made it to Germany since August 1st now. Ares flew in through Amsterdam. Unfortunately, even though he had Bordetella vaccine, he still got a moderate case and had to go to emergency vet his first few days here as He Was panting excessively Even When resting and had lost his voice barking. Since recovering he has been enjoying cooler weather here in past week Although he's developed a large lump on bothsides just behind his rib cage. Vet Believes They are delayed reaction to the 7 Various Vaccines He has received over past couple months. But vet quietly did needle biopsy so we are waiting for results to make sure nothing cancerous. Poor guy.

    I registered him with the City and he got his license tags but then received a letter a few days later asking for his papers to prove he is truly a miniature. Sent them his GBF papers and heard nothing for a few weeks. Then last week, received letter demanding I show up with dog and all papers this week for inspection to Determine his breed. So another call to Mr. Weidemann and He has sent me to another official vet Elsewhere thatwill inspect Ares and his paperwork tomorrow and write an official report, Which we will then be sent immediately to a city here. As I understand, if this "official state vet" Agrees with the official pedigree papers of Both US (AKC) and Germany (GBF), then the city must prove he is otherwise. Crossing fingers this can be resolved favorably soon and get on with life here.

    In the Meantime, Ares has made so many friends here already! The kids around the neighborhood love playing with him. He even got the hang of soccer (football) and what using his head to run the ball up and down the field with the kids. His new personal vet Said he is one of the sweetest dogs he's met. He can do anything with Ares as a stranger and Ares just has no problem with anything he does.
    #50 mdcecil
  12. hope Ares is soon healthy again und you get rid of all that paper-warfare

    welcome to "good old germany" :D
    #51 felis
  13. Hello Cecil,
    it's nice to hear from you. My best wishes for Ares health, but I think the vet is right - there has happend a lot the past weeks, I think he recovers as soon as possible.
    Good luck for the final battle with the officials - your are in good hands with Weidemann.

    Enjoy your time here!
    #52 Coony
  14. I am really glad that so far, everything worked out fine.

    Also glad that you seem to like it here.

    Welcome to Düsseldorf.
    #53 lektoratte
  15. Hi, I know this is an old post and I'm actually not moving to Germany, I'm moving to Sweden but since there is no direct flight from my city I'm probably be flying with KLM to Amsterdam. I wanted to know if you travelled with KLM and if you did how the flight and procedure was until you reunited with your dog. Just want to be sure he can travel safely with me. Thanks!
    #54 federatier
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