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Ihr erinnert Euch vielleicht noch an Ed, er hat jetzt tatsächlich ?! einen Brief an President George W. Bush geschrieben.

Vielleicht ist ja einer unter uns der diesen Brief übersetzen kann.

March 5, 2001

Dr. med. Edouard Gervais Coeugniet M.D.

Brinkweg 4A

48455 Bad Bentheim


President George W. Bush

The White House

1600 Pennsylvannia Avenue

Washington, DC


Dear President Bush,

Congratulations on succeeding in your long, hard fight to take back the
White House. Many here in Germany were happy to see you win the election.

I, and several million dog owners in Germany, are currently being
penalized for the death of a child last year in Hamburg by a pitbull and
an American Staffordshire Terrier. The death of a child by any means is
a tragic circumstance, but the sequence of events that followed has
devastated show breeders, dog owners,kennel clubs, veterinarians, and
millions of animal lovers worldwide.

Though Germany has had generic dog laws in effect for years, it failed to
follow through in enforcing these laws. When the 6-year old child was
mauled to death last year, the German government and the individual 16
regions in Germany threw together strict dog ordinances that violates the
Constitutional Rights of millions of people, and now want to push these
restrictions through Europe, which has gotten the attention of Mr. David
Byrne, the European Union Commissioner.

Mr. David Byrne feels that Germany is clearly overstating it's boundries
and has requested scientific proof that these breeds are a danger to man
and beast. We have had an enormous amount of support from many
politicians, kennel clubs, authors, actors, singers and thousands of dog
owners across the world. England has been a staunch supporter of our
rights, as Germany is trying to push these laws throughout Europe and
across the English Channel.

Thankfully, Italy, Sweden and Austria's Parliaments have decided banning a
breed of dog is not the answer to the problems of dogs who bite. Here in
Germany, we are trying to get the message across that it is a combination
of dog and owner who are the problem. As the saying in England goes, ,Ban
the deed not the breed'.

The two dogs who killed the child were shot by police in front of a school
ground full of children. The owner of the dogs, a known criminal, had
been repeatedly warned to keep his dogs muzzled as they had a prior
history of biting. We are all now being treated as if we are no different
than the Turkish drug dealer/owner of those two dogs.

The government can now legally enter our homes to take skin and blood
samples of our dogs, inspect the entire house, especially in relation to
where your dogs are concerned. I find this appalling, feeling no
different than the millions of Jews who were subjected to repeated
searches in the early days of the war. In two regions of Germany, you
must put a plaque outside the entrance of your home warning the public
that dangerous dogs are on the premises. A little too similar to the
Yellow Star of David from the 1930's and 1940's. These rules apply even
after your dog passes a state controlled temperament test.

Of the over 230 breeds recognized in Germany, up to 41 breeds are targeted
depending on what region of Germany you reside in. Two of these breeds
are German in origin (Doberman and Rottweiler), the majority of other
breeds in trouble come from England and/or the United States. The
situation has taken on the characteristics of a dog holocaust, with many
horror stories where dogs were abused or killed by citizens, with the
frenzy perpetuated by the media.

The American Kennel Club has also been strong in voicing it's opinion to
the German Government. But more pressure needs to be applied.

You and your family are well-known throughout the world, as being
dog-lovers. I realize there is little you can do as President of the
United States to change the course of history now taking place in
Germany, but perhaps as a dog-lover, you can join the thousands of voices
Berlin is now hearing, to stop the discrimination and hate campaign now
being propelled at all of us.

Many pet owners and dog breeders are now involved in the state and Federal
courts to take back our rights and the rights of our dogs. Many dogs have
been taken away and destroyed. Those who remain with their owners, must
pass a temperament test and then be steralized. If they fail the test
they will be immediately destroyed.

Animal lovers across Germany have been involved in a worldwide public
awareness campaign to generate help from abroad. And though the millions
of emails, faxes and letters received in Berlin the past several months
has not changed the law, it did make Berlin aware that the world is

We are now asking your help as a humanitarian and animal lover to also let
Berlin know the discrimination against over 3 million dog owners is not
acceptable in the 21st Century. There are more rational and logical
alternatives. But by treating the general dog owning population as the
,public's enemy' and hauling thousands of dogs to concentration type
camps, awaiting their death sentences is not the answer.

The animal lovers in Germany and across the world are also responsible
people who are against discrimination, hate and murder against people, but
also against helpless family pets caught in the middle. Regardless of who
you are (and I am speaking in the familiar), if you resided in Germany
today with one of the 41 breeds targeted, you too would have to register
your dog with the government and all members of your family who handle the
dog. Even as George W. Bush, you would not be allowed out of the house
without your dog wearing a muzzle.and this restriction begins when your
dog is 6 months old.

The louder and more familiar the voices are heard in Germany, the more the
German politicians take note. We are asking for your assistance in this,
in whatever form is available. If for no other reason than for the name
of humanity. For further information, here are two English language
(Dogs at Risk in Europe)

With best wishes to you, your family, your four-legged family and the
American People!

Dr. med. Edouard Gervais Coeugniet MD
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ich könnte es machen, stecke zur Zeit aber so tief in der Arbeit, daß fast alles andere liegen bleibt. Wenn jemand anders sich anbietet, wäre ich dankbar. Bei mir dauert es mindestens noch 1,5 Wochen.

Josi mit Anhang

Ich kann mich nicht anschließen, dass ich mich unbedingt freue, dass George W. Bush das White House 'zurück erobert hat' aber der Brief kann sicherlich nicht schaden.

Als Amerikanerin und aus Erfahrung möchte ich lediglich sagen, dass John & Jane Doe sich oft nicht dafür interessieren, was außerhalb der USA passiert. Ich denke eher, dass die Tierschutzorganisationen unterstützend helfen könnten. Streich' PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) aber gleich. Sie BEFÜRWORTEN die Tötung von Hunden, die von geBILDeten Menschen als 'Kampfhund' bezeichnet werden.

Viele Grüße


'The tragic part of owning a dobe is that part of you is buried when he dies.'
Ergänzend gibt ebenso 'breed specific legislation' (= rassespezifische Verordnungen)in den USA.

'The tragic part of owning a dobe is that part of you is buried when he dies.'
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Du musst registriert sein, um diesen Inhalt sehen zu können. Hätte er das nicht, statt erst Präsi zu werden, gleich machen können?:rolleyes:
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