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Mini Bull Boarding or Pet Sitting Dusseldorf Area

  1. Hello All,

    For those that remember me, I'm from US on expat assignment in Dusseldorf for a few years. I brought my mini bull with me since last Aug 2015 and thanks to advice on here (thanks Crabat and others!) found lawyer Weidemann which helped me through alot of issues with getting my dog successfully registered in city. This is because he is "too tall" at about 42cm. And thanks to his german pedigree papers (GBF) AND a written evaluation by state vet in Bochum (who also was kind to document him at 39cm), all has been well this past year.

    Still, I keep my dog mostly in fenced garden or walks in neighborhood. When I travel I've always had one of my fellow American expat neighbors pet sit my dog: he stays in crate and gets let out and fed a few times a day. Unfortunately, I have to travel in August and all my American neighbors are taking holidays back to US at same time. So now I'm left trying to figure out what to do with my dog. I see some TierPensions and Hotels mentioned online but really nervous leaving my dog and coming back 9 days later to find they handed him over to the city on some suspicion. So I'm trying to find someone that is familiar with miniature bull terriers that could either pet sit him for 9 days by visiting my house OR that I could board him with them to take care of until I return. Was thinking of looking at finding a TierPension across border in Netherlands where there are not dog issues but then still do not know who is good.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Best regards,

    #1 mdcecil
  2. Can he live together with other dogs? If yes, i could ask my dog sitter. I promise the only dog she would like to give away is my 15 month old little Bürger..
    #2 christine1965
  3. Blöde Autokorrektur

    "Bugger" is the word
    #3 christine1965
  4. Ich dachte schon, christine kennt sich aber aus im neumodische slang!
    #4 toubab
  5. Nix is mit neumodisch.... Bin doch 'ne alte Schachtel
    #5 christine1965
  6. The same question from me: Can he live with other dogs?

    We live 30 km away from Düsseldorf and some times we takes a dog meanwhile his owner makes holidays.
    #6 Cornelia T
  7. I can definitely not imagine any Animal Pension to hand over the dog to any Institution.

    If they suspect him to be a Standard MBT, they might, however, reject to take him in in the first Place, if they do not have the appropiate qualifications.

    If he is friendly with other dogs, though, I'd highly recommend @Cornelia T ;)
    #7 lektoratte
  8. Thanks, my dear ;)

    Sabine is probably the second best choice...
    #8 christine1965
  9. Ladies, ladies, we are not going to fight about dogsitters, arnt we?
    #9 toubab
  10. Or even shares first place with Cornelia ;)

    (which of course I cannot tell w/o knowing Sabine :) )

    In any case, Cornelia is an experienced MBT-dogsitter. But any dog she takes in should be PJRT-compatible. that's for sure. ;)
    #10 lektoratte
  11. That is the most important requirement. :D
    #11 Cornelia T
  12. Next time you bring your "bürger" to cornelia:mies:
    #12 toubab
  13. Well, i am not that mean....
    #13 christine1965
  14. Is there anything Bürger-related you might want to let us know, Christine? ;)
    #14 lektoratte
  15. Well, first my mobile prefer German words to Englisch ones...

    Second... Little P (like pain in the a...) is rather inventive in having funny ideas...

    Third he believes that his charme is irresistible for all ladies...

    With one or two words: a teenage dog...
    #15 christine1965
  16. Problem with mobile phone: Same here :hallo:

    As for the rest: No more questions on my behalf... ;) :hallo:
    #16 lektoratte
  17. Hi. Ares is about as sweet as a mini bull could possibly be. My vet says he is the sweetest of any dog he has ever met. He's just very much filled with energy and hard to get him to settle down. He loves 100% all people. My vet can do anything with him and he just keeps wagging his tail and trying to lick him. He will bark at people which sometimes frightens strangers but it is just because he wants to go up and play with them. I tell strangers that he might lick them to death but that is about it. :)

    For some reason he never barks at any dogs even if they are barking at him. Because I've been very careful sheltering him from the world this past year here in Germany, it has been a year since he has been with other dogs. But before that he played with dogs without any aggression of any kind. My worry with him is more another dog harming him. He likes attention and will get right up next to other dogs, which some dogs are fine with but others do not like. Because of this he has a few times had other dogs snap at him. Only other thing with him is he tends to eat things he should not so I always have to keep a close eye on what he is putting in his mouth!

    Oh, and he of course has all his vaccinations up to date and is in perfect health. Just visited vet for check-up this past friday!

    Best Regards,

    #17 mdcecil
  18. Ares should become guest to a KSG-member :) that seems to be the only way for me to get a look at him by photographys :D

    Düsseldorf is to far away for me to meet him
    #18 felis
  19. So... You have two choices... My suggestion would be that Cornelia is the best choice and Sabine, my friend and dog sitter since about 8 years would ne the second choice. It's maybe better to have 2 possibilities. We - Sabine and I - are living in the same house - live about 60 km from Düsseldorf

    Typing while riding on a bus is a crap (it's like bull riding...)
    #19 christine1965
  20. Since I don't know Christine's dog sitter, I would also recommend Cornelia, being an experienced dog owner and particularly with regard to terriers ;)
    I met her, her husband and their pack of 8 (?) dogs (including young and old ones, a deaf and a blind one) once and was very impressed how easily they directed them.
    I think a playful MBT would perfectly fit in to her pack and would have a great time there :)
    #20 Sirki
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